Hikers Handbook
Backpacker and Hiker's Handbook covers planning and prep for a backpacking trip: equipment, safety, using a compass, purifying water, cooking, setting-up camp, handling encounters with bears, inclement weather and medical emergencies. Also includes info on solo backpacking, all-female groups, hiking with seniors, children & pets

Expect the unexpected: The ultra-light Emergency Bivvy from SOL acts like a sleeping bag in case you're ever forced to make an unplanned overnight stay in the wilderness.

bear attacks
Bear Attacks is a thorough study of bear attacks on humans. This is the sometimes horrific, yet always instructive, story of Bears & Humans, written by the leading scientific authority in the field, Stephen Herrero. This book is for anyone who camps, hikes, or visits bear country, or wants to learn more about bear behavior.

 Safe Hiking Tips

Numerous factors come into play if you want a safe hiking experience. Thunderstorms, lightning, a surprise snowstorm, dangerous wildlife, or maybe an unstable rock at the edge of a cliff are only some the hazards you could encounter while out on the trail. Having the proper gear, making sure that you're in good physical condition, paying close attention to your surroundings, and using good judgment are all essential for a safe and enjoyable hiking trip.

Remember: Only you are responsible for your own safety!

Although not an exhaustive list, the following are a few hiking safety tips you need to consider before hitting the trail:

For a comprehensive list of hiking and emergency gear to take with you on your next hike, please click here.