National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for Glacier National Park contains detailed topographic info, named and clearly marked trails, recreational points of interest, and navigational aids for both Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.

Best Easy Hikes Book
Best Easy Day Hikes Glacier & Waterton Lakes contains maps and concise descriptions for 28 hikes. Each are relatively short, on well-defined, easy-to-follow trails that take you to some of the area's most spectacular scenery - without taking you to physical extremes.

 The Best Waterfall Hikes in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has more than 200 waterfalls scattered throughout the park. So, with only a limited amount of vacation time, which falls should you visit on a day hike? Below are my top waterfall hikes that will hopefully lend some guidance.

VA FallsVirginia Falls – Dropping more than 50 feet off a sheer cliff face, Virginia Falls just might be one of the most beautiful falls I've ever seen. Additionally, waterfall aficionados will get a chance to see St. Mary Falls, and two other very impressive, but unnamed falls along the way as well.

St. Mary Falls – If you're looking for a very short hike to see an awesome waterfall, this should fit the bill.

Redrock Falls – An outstanding choice for an easy hike. In addition to a very impressive series of cascades and falls, you'll also visit two picturesque sub-alpine lakes, and maybe even have a chance to see a moose along the way.

Running Eagle Falls – "Trick Falls" is a must see in the Two Medicine Area. It's a very easy, handicap accessible trail.

Florence FallsFlorence Falls – I would probably have to rank this as the second most impressive waterfall that can be reached on a day hike in Glacier National Park. The reason I have it ranking fifth on this list is a result of the distance you have to walk to reach the falls. Additionally, the trail stays within the confines of the forest for most of its length. Having said that though, there is a point on the trail, at Mirror Pond, that just might be one of the most scenic spots in the entire park.

Johns Lake Loop – An easy loop hike off the Going-to-the-Sun Road that visits Sacred Dancing Cascade and McDonald Falls.

Apikuni Falls – Beautiful falls in a small box canyon.

Rockwell Falls – The trail travels through several open meadows in the Two Medicine valley. You'll also have a good chance of seeing a moose along the way.

Baring Falls – Very easy hike off the Going-to-the-Sun Road on the eastern side of the park.

Ptarmigan Falls – This is one of the more impressive falls in the park. However, steep terrain around the falls makes it virtually impossible to get a close-up view. Moreover, trees block a full view of the falls from top to bottom. This waterfall, however, makes my top 10 list because the hike offers outstanding views of the Many Glacier Valley for most of its length.